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Time for a Reel BABY DRIVER review

Baby Driver review

Start your engines folks because we’re about to go full throttle into a review of Baby Driver directed by Edgar Wright. Oh, and I hope you’ve fastened your seatbelts and have a firm grip on the “oh shit” handle because this is sure to be one wild ride!

Some folks are so good at some things that it should be illegal. Meet Baby (Ansel Elgort) who just happens to be THAT good behind the wheel of any car. This unflappable unassuming guy has a very interesting way of earning a living. Baby drives getaway cars for a living, well actually it’s more because he’s in debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey) if truth be told. Being Doc’s wheelman for odd jobs is Baby’s most direct way to reach his own independence and actual freedom from the only life he’s come to know. When Baby allows himself to become smitten with a local waitress (Lily James), he becomes obsessed with finding a way from under Doc’s thumb in order to hopefully lead a life of normalcy. Just like with everything else in Baby Driver, even the purest of hopes and dreams will eventually jump the track and take on a life of its own.

Director Edgar Wright is no stranger to nontraditional movies. Being the person that helmed Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007) and The World’s End (2013), Wright is no stranger to fun, genre mash-ups that are unique in nature and typically a real treat to experience. He’s given complete freedom in his creation and decides to put his own fingerprint on the project. There’s a good deal of comedy mixed with a heavy dose of actions, garnished with drama and romance; all enjoyed with a healthy compliment of great tunes. The impressive soundtrack deserves its own shout-out since it’s so integral to the mood and pace of Baby Driver.

While Ansel Elgort is the top billed actor, it is the symphony of talent that makes this orchestra shine so brightly. Lily James, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal and the always-on-point Kevin Spacey provide a great deal of complexity that is nothing short of brilliant. No moment is wasted and no actor is left hanging out to dry. It would appear that Wright went the extra mile to ensure that there were no weak links.

Baby Driver looks to be one of those movies that can be watched multiple times with viewers finding new favorite moments throughout. It’s very difficult to classify this movie as any single genre. One might even argue that it is a compilation of more than five genres. There’s something for everyone included in this Summer adrenaline shot straight to the heart. You’ll get “all the feels” as millennials often say. I would even go as far as saying that you probably won’t see another movie like it this year.

If a solid story, great acting, phenomenally choreographed driving scenes and beautifully shot backdrops aren’t enough to get you excited, I’ll fall back to the scintillating soundtrack. You’ll be tapping your feet as you lean into every turn while constantly gripping your armrests just because you’re totally caught up in the onscreen action. Baby Driver is the first new movie released of the long Independence Day holiday weekend and the fireworks start here. Definitely check this one out while throwing caution completely to the wind! Vrrrooommm! Vrrrooommmmmmm!

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