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Time for a Reel DADDY’S HOME 2 review

Daddy's Home 2 review

It seems like the push for holiday movies, particular ones that revolve around Christmas, come earlier and earlier each year. While most families haven’t even finalized their Thanksgiving menu selections yet, we’re already seeing movies that are focused on and around December 25th. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg went toe-to-toe before eventually seeing eye-to-eye in …

Review, Theatrical

Time for a Reel THE WALL review

The Wall review

Snipers are a special kind of soldier with undeniable skills that can only be harnessed by the best of the best. Whether it’s real life, movies or even video games, John Q. Public gravitates to these elite warriors. Targeting enemies from unfathomable distances while striking them down with robotic type precision is awe inspiring. But …