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Time for a Reel DADDY’S HOME 2 review

Daddy's Home 2 review

It seems like the push for holiday movies, particular ones that revolve around Christmas, come earlier and earlier each year. While most families haven’t even finalized their Thanksgiving menu selections yet, we’re already seeing movies that are focused on and around December 25th. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg went toe-to-toe before eventually seeing eye-to-eye in …

Review, Theatrical

Time for a Reel BEATRIZ AT DINNER review

Beatriz at Dinner

You just never know what someone might be going through on any given day. Always keep that in mind before hastefully passing judgement on that person. We’re all one moment away from doing something great, just like we’re all one moment away from completely losing it and doing something unimaginable. Beatriz at Dinner is a …