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Time for a Reel STRONGER review

Stronger review

For the second time this year, we’re seeing a biopic that is based a terrorist bombing during the Boston Marathon in 2013. CBS Films was first out of the gate with Patriots Day. Even though it earned better than average reviews from audiences and fans alike, the drama struggled in the box office to pull …

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Time for a Reel KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle review

In February of 2014, Matthew Vaughn floored audiences with amazing graphics, compelling storylines and over the top action for all to enjoy. It was then that we were caught off guard by Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014). A symphony of glorious praise is the best way to describe that experience. All off the independent parts …

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Time for a Reel AMERICAN ASSASSIN review

American Assassin review

Terrorism is always in the news and we’re exposed to the stories, the threats, the propaganda 24/7 thanks to the industry of news. So even though its a mainstay in our lives, the question becomes whether or not the public wants to willingly spend two hours watching a fictional account of such events. It’s tricky …

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Time for a Reel IT review

It review

Stephen King was at his best when he wrote It which was published back in 1986. This was King’s 22nd novel published, and still ranks up there today as one of his very best literary works. In 1990 a miniseries hit the airwaves and served its purpose. Audiences embraced made-for-tv scarefest with both hands, something …

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Time for a Reel THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK review

The Only Living Boy in New York review

As the summer winds down, so does the glitz, glamour and ridiculous budget-hungry films. We’re in that stretch of simple practical movies built on plot and performance. Director Marc Webb gives us his second offering of the year (Gifted (2017) was released in April) that is completely devoid of mind numbing special effects. Unlike his …

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Time for a Reel PATTI CAKE$ review

Patti Cake$ review

Talk about not knowing what to expect with latest release from Fox Searchlight Pictures release which is just now expanding to theaters nationwide. If you’ve seen the trailer for this very under-hyped drama, you probably were influenced in either a positive or negative way as far as wanting to see this movie. I the next …

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Time for a Reel GOOD TIME review

Good Time review

One of the hardest things to overcome as an actor is being typecast, even when whatever has been attached to your name may possibly be the biggest success of someone’s career. This can be even more frustrating for younger actors. Why? Because as proud artists, these individuals want to keep redefining themselves while trying to …

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Time for a Reel WHOSE STREETS? review

Whose Streets? review

Unfortunately certain history just seems to keep repeating itself time after time after time. No matter what group stands tall to denounce crimes based on hate, the problem never completely goes away. As far as America has come over the last 5+ decades, there’s clearly a long way to go. And just when you may …

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Time for a Reel WIND RIVER review

Taylor Sheridan has quickly made quite the name for himself over the last three years, specifically in the area of gritty dramas. Wind River is only his third credit in the writing chair. The other two were Sicario (2015) and Hell or High Water (2016), both of which had viewers on the edges of their …

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Time for a Reel THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD review

The Hitman's Bodyguard review

We’re well into the dog days of summer and where August releases are concerned, this usually isn’t a good place to be. Studios typically slate their movies that they don’t think will stand a chance against the bigger (and often better) blockbusters into the final month of summer. All they can hope for is for …