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Time for a Reel INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY review

Insidious: The Last Key review

We kick off the new year with a familiar story. The Insidious franchise has managed to stay relevant enough to garner continuous deeper plot explorations. Labeling the additional movies as sequels or even prequels would be incorrect. Blumhouse has taken a very interesting approach with the supernatural horror franchise. Rather than a linear continuation that …

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Time for a Reel THE FOREIGNER review

The Foreigner review

Jackie Chan has been acting for 55 years and has been in well over 100 movies. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. On its own that’s pretty impressive, but when you factor in the physical exertion that Chan welcomes, things are raised to an entirely new level of appreciation. Time has found its …

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Time for a Reel HAPPY DEATH DAY review

Happy Death Day

Live. Die. Repeat. Do you happen to remember Tom Cruise’s 2014 sci-fi action adventure, Edge of Tomorrow? It was a damn good movie that suffered from an unfortunate marketing identity crisis. The title did not fit with what the film was trying to portray, worse yet, the studio couldn’t quite settle on a title. As …

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Time for a Reel BLADE RUNNER 2049 review

BLADE RUNNER 2049 review

Before we even get started, let’s address the feature image just above. What you’re seeing is a VERY stunned and bewildered Ryan Gosling along with a royally remorseful Harrison Ford. Talk about a fighting faux pas, Warner Bros. has decided to embrace this oops moment and promote it. How can this not be considered both …

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Time for a Reel AMERICAN ASSASSIN review

American Assassin review

Terrorism is always in the news and we’re exposed to the stories, the threats, the propaganda 24/7 thanks to the industry of news. So even though its a mainstay in our lives, the question becomes whether or not the public wants to willingly spend two hours watching a fictional account of such events. It’s tricky …

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Time for a Reel ANNABELLE: CREATION review

Annabelle: Creation review

Warner Bros. may seem focused on building up their superhero blockbuster connected movie universe in the form of the DC Extended Universe but they’re low key succeeding in this mindset on an entirely front. Rather than retelling the well-known (true) story of The Amityville Horror for the millionth time, they instead focused on another story …

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Time for a Reel KIDNAP review

Kidnap review

The movie industry can be interesting and very complicated at times. The road to the making, and eventual release of Kidnap took a few detours along the way. Development actually began back in 2009 and filming wrapped up at the end of 2014. Thanks to a previously attached studio’s financial woes, hopeful theatrical releases were …

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Time for a Reel ATOMIC BLONDE review

Atomic Blonde review

The The Coldest City is a the first book of a trilogy of graphic novels written by Anthony Johnson. The novel did “okay” in the department of success but never set the world on fire. Director David Leitch has a unique opportunity here to make a movie that’s actually better than the book. The question …

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Time for a Reel WISH UPON review

Wish Upon review

School’s out for summer…but not in theaters apparently. For the second time in as many weeks, high school is the setting for another hopeful Summer success. This time, however, we’re not dealing with a nine figure super filled with franchise fanfare. A quality horror thriller is hard to come by these days but it isn’t …

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Time for a Reel 47 METERS DOWN review

47 Meters Down review

Shark movies AGAIN? Haven’t we beaten this dead horse enough? Considering how many movies have been made based on shark attacks, there aren’t a heck of a lot of successful movies that come to mind outside of Jaws (1975). The bar is pretty high when it comes to movies about the most feared creature below …