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Time for a Reel ATOMIC BLONDE review

Atomic Blonde review

The The Coldest City is a the first book of a trilogy of graphic novels written by Anthony Johnson. The novel did “okay” in the department of success but never set the world on fire. Director David Leitch has a unique opportunity here to make a movie that’s actually better than the book. The question …

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Time for a Reel WISH UPON review

Wish Upon review

School’s out for summer…but not in theaters apparently. For the second time in as many weeks, high school is the setting for another hopeful Summer success. This time, however, we’re not dealing with a nine figure super filled with franchise fanfare. A quality horror thriller is hard to come by these days but it isn’t …

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Time for a Reel 47 METERS DOWN review

47 Meters Down review

Shark movies AGAIN? Haven’t we beaten this dead horse enough? Considering how many movies have been made based on shark attacks, there aren’t a heck of a lot of successful movies that come to mind outside of Jaws (1975). The bar is pretty high when it comes to movies about the most feared creature below …

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Time for a Reel THE BOOK OF HENRY review

The Book of Henry review

Sometimes you can watch a trailer or read a synopsis and know exactly where a movie is going to end up. In case of The Book of Henry, pretty much everyone will have an inkling where this last chapter will end up. Even so, it won’t make the story unfolding right before your eyes any …

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Time for a Reel ALIEN: COVENANT review

Alien Covenant review

Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise has been around for nearly 40 years and has consisted of five movies, not including the one that’s being reviewed in this article. In 2012 Scott opted to jump on the prequel bandwagon and start an origin story of everyone’s favorite Xenomorph…that’s the fictional extraterrestrial species that we’re introduced to in …

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Time for a Reel THE WALL review

The Wall review

Snipers are a special kind of soldier with undeniable skills that can only be harnessed by the best of the best. Whether it’s real life, movies or even video games, John Q. Public gravitates to these elite warriors. Targeting enemies from unfathomable distances while striking them down with robotic type precision is awe inspiring. But …